Jigsaw Help

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Full screen:

If you’re on Windows, press F11 to maximise your browser window. Hit F11 again when you want to reset the window size.

If you’re on a Mac, select “View” in your browser’s menu and click “Enter Full Screen”. To reset, move your cursor to the top of the screen to see the browser’s menu and click “Exit Full Screen” in the “View” column.


In order to find a puzzle you want to solve among our hundreds of jigsaws, simply click on “Jigsaw Puzzles” from the Main Menu. You can select between a range of categories, each containing many beautiful and themed images. You can unlock new categories with the number of coins seen on each category-image.

Solved puzzles:

When you have solved a jigsaw puzzle, the thumbnail image will display a green checkmark, so you can easily track how many you have solved.


At Jigsaw Friends you can challenge yourself against other puzzlers and win prizes, respect and trophies. You have a limited number of tries to beat your fellow players, but prizes are awarded immediately to the fastest players at the end of each tournament.

Puzzles in progress:

You can decide to save a jigsaw puzzle in progress, so you can return to it later. The thumbnail of the puzzle will display with a yellow jigsaw-piece identifying a puzzle in progress. Note: There is a maximum of five saved puzzles at a time. If you save a 6th puzzle, the oldest will be removed from the list. This limit includes any puzzles in our competitions.

Tips and Tricks:

At the top-left corner of your construction screen you find the Menu button from which you can save or pause an active puzzle. When you click Show Image, the completed picture is displayed behind your pieces. 

When solving a puzzle you can change the size of the pieces – simply click the Zoom button on the top left and select your preferred size of pieces. If you need a little extra help, select the Magic Wand which will automatically link pieces together. Note: Magic Clicks cost Coins!